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Premature babies

Premature babies

A premature baby is a baby that is delivered before 37 weeks. Every year an estimated 15 million babies in the world are born preterm. This number is on the rise. The reasons why babies are born early are unknown. But they think you have an increased risk of premature labour if you have a multiple pregnancy and previous premature birth. Doctors also think if you eat unhealthy, smoke or are overweight it could be a contributing factor to this. The survival rate of premature babies is increasing because there is increased and better medical care also better technology.    


Did you know?

Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years age in 2015.


My life as a premature baby.

            I was born early at 24 weeks weighing 625 grams. I was feed through a tube for 2 years and also on oxygen for a year. I was in and out of PMH since I was born with having a narrow oesophagus. So I was in hospital every few years getting that widened. I also had a lazy eye that they had to straighten out. But when they did that, they pulled it too far across. So I had to go back under to get it fixed. I was also in and out of PMH with just general check-ups making sure I was growing fine and everything was fine. I am allergic to vancomycin. I finished at PMH when I was 18. I am now healthy and living life to the best that I can and enjoying every moment.   

So with the medical care and the technology that is out there now there is a better chance of survival for premature babies like myself. Premature babies live happy and productive lives. But when born early, there is a chance that some babies don’t survive.

Blog post written by Luke Taylor, a student who completed Cert II



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