Sunday, 19 November 2017

Premature babies

Premature babies

A premature baby is a baby that is delivered before 37 weeks. Every year an estimated 15 million babies in the world are born preterm. This number is on the rise. The reasons why babies are born early are unknown. But they think you have an increased risk of premature labour if you have a multiple pregnancy and previous premature birth. Doctors also think if you eat unhealthy, smoke or are overweight it could be a contributing factor to this. The survival rate of premature babies is increasing because there is increased and better medical care also better technology.    


Did you know?

Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years age in 2015.


My life as a premature baby.

            I was born early at 24 weeks weighing 625 grams. I was feed through a tube for 2 years and also on oxygen for a year. I was in and out of PMH since I was born with having a narrow oesophagus. So I was in hospital every few years getting that widened. I also had a lazy eye that they had to straighten out. But when they did that, they pulled it too far across. So I had to go back under to get it fixed. I was also in and out of PMH with just general check-ups making sure I was growing fine and everything was fine. I am allergic to vancomycin. I finished at PMH when I was 18. I am now healthy and living life to the best that I can and enjoying every moment.   

So with the medical care and the technology that is out there now there is a better chance of survival for premature babies like myself. Premature babies live happy and productive lives. But when born early, there is a chance that some babies don’t survive.

Blog post written by Luke Taylor, a student who completed Cert II



Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Spring Temple Buddha

The Spring Temple Buddha

The Construction
Located in Henan in China, the Spring Temple Buddha stands 128 metres above the forest. After the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan in 2001 by the Taliban, the construction of the Spring Temple Buddha in China was announced and finally finished 7 years later in 2008.
The Spring Temple Buddha derives its name from the nearby Tianrui hot spring, which spirts out 60degrees water, and was estimated to cost over $ 18 million, with it being made from over 180kgs of gold, 3,300 tonnes of copper alloy and 15,000 tonnes of steel.
With an estimated 1000 steps to climb to reach the statue there has recently been a bus that has started running from the top of the hill and back, and for a small extra fee you many catch a lift to the bottom and closest point to the statue and touch the foot to gain a proper idea of how large and amazing the statue looks up close.

Other sights to see
Since then two buildings had been built under the statue but have been under construction since 2014. The two buildings are called the Diamond Seat and the Sumeru Seat, which was constructed by reshaping the hill the statue stands on into building.
The Diamond seat is a building made up of five levels, with each one containing small shrines containing small golden Spring Temple Buddha’s, with over 6,666 mini Buddha’s covering the building.
The bell of good luck is also located near the Spring temple Buddha, which is said to be the heaviest functioning bell in the world, and is adorned with 36 lotus patterns. For a small fee you can ring the bell

Getting there
The spring temple Buddha is the world’s largest statue, standing at 128 metres from the base of the lotus pedestal the statue stands on, and is listed in the Guinness World Records. Even though it is a record breaking statue and is the first of its kind, it is one of the least visited famous statues in the world, mainly being visited by locals with westerns rarely visiting. This is mainly because of the long travel time it requires to get from China’s capital, Beijing to closest city to the statue, Lushan.  After a 14-hour drive to Lushan, you then must get a bus to the Spring Temple Buddha which is also another 2 hours. With limited options of travel to the statue it may remain an undiscovered wonder by most of the world for many years to come.

Blog post by Elysia Tankard

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

I have recently got back into study which is wonderful and, at the end of my studies, it will hopefully open many doors. I am finding though that after not having studied anything since high school, which was over 23years ago, and being an at-home mum for the past 10years that the old brain doesn’t seem to absorb information like she once used to.

I am a single mum of two beautiful kids and my whole life for the past 11years has been about them in every way. However, having recently separated from their dad, I have decide it is time I did something for myself and to show my babies that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible. Well I have put my mind to study but OMG this is hard, exhausting and so friggin frustrating. I’m loving getting out of the house and doing this for myself. I’m meeting wonderful people, learning new stuff and really enjoying it but getting information to stay in the old brain is hard work.

I will do some work, take notes and understand what I have just completed but then I go home, get my kids from school, go to after school activities, come home make dinner, get kids ready for bed, sit down and look at what I have done at TAFE for the day and think, how the hell did I get that answer or what does this all mean? I then will google things to try and get a better understanding of what I have in front of me and still sit there thinking, crap why can’t I remember what I have only learnt 6hours earlier?

I have come to realise that being a fulltime mum your brain goes onto auto pilot because you do the same mundane shit day in and day out. Every day is the same as the last and you just plod along getting kids ready for school, doing housework, food shopping, after school activities, yelling at kids to clean rooms, get ready for school etc. The job of being a mum is not a difficult job but it is an unthankful, frustrating, mentally/physically draining job and we all do our best to make sure our babies don’t go without and are happy, healthy and safe. While I’m putting my kids first and making sure they are all good, I have been putting myself on the back burner for many years and have recently realised that I can no longer do this if I want to be the best mum I can be. So not only do I make sure everything is wonderful for my kids and I go to TAFE to get qualifications, I’ve also got to squeeze somewhere in there looking after myself physically and mentally. For shits sake, there are not enough hours in the day, I am an organised person I thought I managed my time well because I get everything done that I need to as in kids are happy and house is clean etc. However, when it comes to myself I run out of time and disregard me.

I am here and I guess all I can do is take it one day at a time to do the best I can and not be so hard on myself. It really doesn’t help that I’m impatient and want everything to happen asap but hours, days, weeks, months and years all go by so bloody quick these days that to take a step back and take my time on things doesn’t feel like an option. But on the plus side, I’m doing the best I can. I’m studying, my babies still come first and everyone is happy (and mummies knackered) but that’s the way the cookie crumbles and life does go on.

This very honest and inspiriting blog is by a Cert III CGEA student, whose goal is to manage work and family life by working from home.



Sunday, 22 October 2017

A Learning Journey

I was born in a small town called Kojonup, which is about 3 hours from Perth. My parents owned a few houses and a bakery there. When I was about 2 or 3, they sold all the houses and swapped the bakery for a house in the city. We spent about 7 years in the city, then moved to another small town called Bullsbrook. We lived there for about 10 years and then moved to Secret Harbour. We have been here ever since.

My Parents and Education
My parents were from a small country town and lived most of their childhood working the land. They got married at 16 and 18. They worked hard to succeed in buying and selling houses, and creating businesses. Education was not a big thing back in their day and they did not give much thought to the fact that one of their children was suffering with the ability to learn. They shrugged it off and said that, she will be fine; she will figure it out.

A life without education  
The first time I realized something was wrong was when my year 2 teacher asked my parents in for a meeting. She asked them to hold me back a year. I remember my Dad yelling at the teacher and saying she is not dumb and we will not hold her back. From then on it just got harder. My mum would try to help me with my homework but it would just end in tears; the more I tried the harder it felt.

By the time things started to sink in, I was already too far behind. The drama of high school was just too much, so I left. In the first term of year ten to work at my parent’s nursery. I then moved on to a Red Dot store in Midland. It was good for a while but not being able to spell, write that well and do basic math made me feel inadequate and socialize with the wrong type of people. Till one day my mum came and found me and asked me to come home (nobody likes to see their mum cry). So, I left that place and went back home. I am grateful every day that my mum came to find me and asked me to come home; because if she didn’t I may of not have this story to tell you.

I stumbled though the next 7 years of life. At the age of 18 I became pregnant to a long-term partner. We decide together to keep our baby, and we brought our first house together. We were getting ready to welcome our girl into the world. Then, he said he was leaving, I didn’t understand why he was just going (I later on found out he was with another women). From a love lost came one of my greatest loves, my baby girl. I held that beautiful girl in my arms and said well it’s just you and me kid. I will protected you with everything I have; I won’t let anyone hurt you. She gave me purpose, a reason to keep trying for a better life.

When she was in year one, I think that my unconsciousness was screaming from the inside SHOW YOUR CHILD HOW TO LEARN!  So, I decided to go do a Beauty Therapy Couse. I truly believe monkey see monkey do; I felt that I needed to do that at time.  If I tried hard she will too, so I persevered through it with bad spelling, writing, reading and math. I could do the practical thing but the reading, writing, spelling and maths was hard. However, I found kindness and understanding through the other women there, which made me start to feel as though learning more is possible. I passed and got my Diploma in Beauty therapy; nothing is impossible if you just keep trying.

Life Now
Life I feel has settled more for me. I am busy doing everything, but the Light in my head is on; I like to think of it as a light switch turn on in my brain. As life goes on, things just switch on, I can’t tell you when it happened, I just know that from the age of 25 things just switched on. Anything before 25 it was like living in a haze (lol yes from the ages between 13 to 16 it was that kind of hazes); just doing what you had to, always getting it wrong to get it right. There are even parts of my childhood that are a blank for me. My sister will say do you remember the time when… and I just won’t have a clue what she was talking about.

I am married to a wonderful man, he also has problems with reading, writing, spelling and Math; it helps with our relationship as we are understanding of each other. His learning journey doesn’t stop him though, He has a great job, and he works long days, 6 days a week. I work Part-time go to Tafe and look after our children. We are busy and it’s a difficult with him only getting 1 and a half days off a week, and me going to work, Tafe and always taking the kids somewhere such as Dancing, School, Work (My oldest works and has done since 14 and 9 months #proudmum). But we make it work. We have come a long way from where we began.

We have two children. One together and my oldest. Our youngest is in year 2 and I see her going through the same struggles I did. It brings me to my knees and stops me in my tracks. It makes me extremely emotional and sad to her struggle or to even think that she might experience something that I had to go though. I would hold her back but schools do not do that now. So, I find myself back at school trying to finish my education simply so I can help my child more, so she can have the life she deserves.

As for my oldest (#proudmum) she is in year 11 going on to year 12, and doing Business studies through the school next year with the hope of going to Murdoch to get her business diploma. She is already 10 times smarter than me. She still has her ups and downs, but she is still giving it her very best in every way.

Who knows where this may lead me. I truly believe that things happen for a reason and if all I get out of it is being able to teach my child better, then we have won and we have made her life that little bit easier.  

Author: Posted by a CERT II student who was going on to do CERT III next.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

CLICKTOSAVE - St John Ambulance

Rikki Cameron from Stjohn_wa on Vimeo.

The CLICKTOSAVE online course by St John Ambulance provides people with an opportunity to learn important first aid skills quickly and efficiently. As you can see for this video this could save someone's life. We will be using this website in class to work through your next task, which is analysing a website or other digital text together in class before you start the task on a text of your own choice. To go to the website, you can click on this link.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Correct Computer Posture

Just a reminder to everyone about sitting safely and comfortable whilst in the English class. We will be using computers for the English units and I want to make sure that you are all using good ergonomics when you are in the classroom. We will also discuss the ways in which digital texts, such as this video, are created, its purpose, and why this format would have been used. We will also consider the features of this text and whether it is effective or not.

Welcome - Semester 2 2017

Image courtesy of nuchylee
Welcome to the blog created for, and by, the Certificate in General Education (CGEA), students at Rockingham Campus.  This blog was created to assist students to develop digital literacy   and writing skills. Please spend some time exploring the blog and the many useful links and articles. I am sure that you will agree that previous students have done a fantastic job and you will find articles/post on a very wide range of topics.  

As part of your studies you will also be writing a post/article and adding it to the blog on a topic that is of interest to you. Over the weeks you will learn many skills in relation to blogging and by the end of this course you will be able to call yourself a 'blogger'. I hope that you enjoy this experience and are able to share what you have learnt with others and have fun doing so.