Monday, 6 February 2017

Welcome to the Create and Engage Community 2017

Welcome to the blog created for, and by, CGEA students at Rockingham Campus.  Please spend some time exploring the blog and the many useful links and articles. I am sure that you will agree that previous students have done a fantastic job and you will find articles/posts on a very wide range of topics. 
As part of your studies you will also be writing a post/article and adding it to the blog on a topic that is of interest to you. Over the weeks you will learn many skills in relation to blogging and by the end of this course you will be able to call yourself a 'blogger'. I hope that you enjoy this experience and are able to share what you have learnt with others and have fun doing so.
We will be working and learning together this semester. I am looking forward to this and to having you join the Create and Engage Community and sharing your special skills, knowledge and interests. Best wishes, Caron

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tattoos and the facts!


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, or even just because you love the way it feels! But it’s important to be 100% confident in your choice and to know all the facts.
Home Job Tattoos

It has become even easier for the “average joe” to purchase a tattoo kit so more and more people are getting home job tattoos. This is a MASSIVE no no. Home job tattoos are extremely risky, the cleanliness and correct sterilisation of all the equipment is the most important part of getting a tattoo- and it is almost guaranteed that a home job environment is constantly contaminated. Also the “artist” may have no idea how much pressure to apply or what needle to use at what speed, along with an almost endless list of other risks. Below is an image that clearly shows the difference between a home job tattoo and a professional one.

Making the right choice
Doing your research and being confident in your decision is key. Don’t just get inked with the first picture you see – It might help to save or print out your image/idea and come back to it every now and then, look at it with a new perspective. You may notice something you hadn’t before, or maybe you wake up and have no idea why you fell in love with it in the first place. Tattoos are not easy or cheap to be removed or covered up – not to mention the pain and scarring this can cause. It’s also important to find a professional studio and artist that will work well for you – these days it is extremely easy to find feedback on almost any good tattoo artist or shop on social media. Just remember to communicate with them and be honest – this will be on you for life!
Finally – some good points!


Like the good old Pringles saying goes –  ”once you pop you just can’t stop!” Tattoos can be painful, don’t get me wrong, but everybody’s tolerance is different. I have several tattoos in many different spots, and some definitely hurt more than others. But it’s an experience you will either love or hate, there is no in-between. The end result can be an extremely beautiful work of art. Below are some personal favourites of mine and a great insight into how the end result can look. Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to DO YOUR RESEARCH.



Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mixed Palette Community Arts


I found out about this lovely little community based art organisation which caters for all people, with or without disabilities within our community.


Inspiring creativity
Mixed Palette Inc. was founded in 2006 through the Nulsen Disability Services ( and originally called the ‘Community Art Room’.  Over the last five years Mixed Palette has been running as an independent, volunteer based, not-for-profit organisation and was awarded the 2012 Community Inclusion Award by the City of Rockingham.


Weekly Workshops
Mixed Palette offers a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment, where you will get to work with a professional artist, use quality materials, learn about different art styles and attend exhibitions.

These workshops will allow you to explore your own creativity and learn new techniques so you can work towards having your works selected for future exhibitions.


Workshop Times & Location

These two hourly sessions run every Friday during these workshop programs, at the Star of the Sea out-of-school care complex.  For more information you can visit the website or email

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Blake Stevenson was a 58 year old from Melbourne. He was diagnosed with progressive brain cancer, and the doctors told him there was nothing they could do. Blake was sent home with some mild pain killers to live out his remaining few months in agony, while his wife, children and grand-kids watch him. Blake tried to kill himself 12 times, although unsuccessful he did manage to paralyse the left side of his body, create huge gaps in his memory and wasn't able to do many things by himself.

The Basics

Euthanasia could save people like Blake from dying a slow and painful death. Euthanasia could save families like Blake’s from having to watch someone they love become sicker and sicker. Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease. Countries such as Belgium,
India, Netherlands and some states in America have made active euthanasia legal, but in Australia euthanasia is illegal and any person who attempted or assisted with euthanasia will be criminally charged. Dr Philip Nitschke, is Australia’s leading doctor supporting voluntary euthanasia, he is also the founder of Exit International. To read more about euthanasia laws in Australia click  here.

Put  an  End  to  Suffering

The best reason to make euthanasia legal is because it ends peoples suffering. What is the
point in living if your spending your last days, weeks or months not living your life exactly  how you want? How are you supposed to see the world when you’re stuck in a hospital bed, or how are you supposed to walk your daughter down the aisle when you can't feel your legs, how are you supposed to say goodbye when you can't talk. We kill horses when they break their legs, we kill dogs and cats when they get sick, this is considered humane, why is it different for people suffering with the same or worse conditions?

Economic Benefits

Although it may be tough to acknowledge, euthanasia also has many economic benefits. Many treatment options are very expensive, and are often not covered by insurance, this can leave families open to serious financial burden. Also, with the current ageing population, hospital beds are becoming more and more scarce, and euthanasia maybe a solution to this issue. And it won't just make more space it will also help patients that can be saved and require serious medical attention. Doctors do no need to be present when the patient makes their final goodbyes and gives the go ahead. This means that the doctor’s attention can be diverted towards patients showing signs of improvement. This is predicted to increase the mortality rate dramatically.

Fulfilling Basic Human Rights

Lastly, all people should have the rights and freedom to live. No doctors or government should have the right to take someone's life or force them to live. Euthanasia is a personal decision. We are given the liberty of deciding our own job, family, religion, even in recent years our gender. How are people denied the right to decide when to die in peace, without suffering?
Bob Dent, through the help of Exit International, became the world’s first person to be legally assisted to die, explained this perfectly in the last statement he wrote.

“What right has anyone, because of their own religious faith, to demand that I behave according to their rules… If you disagree with voluntary euthanasia, then don’t use it, but don't deny me, or anyone, the right to use it if and when I want to.”
And I ask you, if you were in this position, or your mum or dad or sister were in this position, what would you do? To read more of Bob’s story click here.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Automotive Enthusiast Community

What is the Automotive Enthusiast?

An Automotive Enthusiast is a person or community that enjoys buying, selling, modifying automotive vehicles. They share a common interest and a deep passion, however each community or members are very diverse in their own way as each person has their own likes and dislikes and may not always agree, but the basic fundamentals are the same.

Different types of Automotive Enthusiasts

As mentioned above there are many types of Automotive Enthusiast also known as "Petrol Heads". Some of these include those that are into street machines or drag cars, glow and show where they focus on the look of the car over the performance and then those that enjoy the performance side of things.


Also known as modification can come in many types of forms, from exterior or interior. Such as performance to boost the mechanical side of things and make the car faster, so things such as neon lights, audio systems, body kits and so forth.

Car Clubs

Car clubs or car communities are a great way to share common interests with fellow Automotive Enthusiasts. Generally they have events such as charity cruises or barbecues to raise money, sometimes they do track days or just meet up and show off their car.


Track Days

Track days are usually held by different car clubs, a day usually enjoyed by testing the limitations of both the driver and the car and to be able to use that power in a safer environment rather than on the streets.

Meet & Greet and Cruises

Car Clubs or Automotive Enthusiasts enjoy organizing events to meet more, and new people, that share the same common goals and interests. They generally park up and walk around looking at other cars, meeting the owners and find out what they have done to the car and what future plans they have. Close communities also like to help each other out when sourcing car parts or giving advice and helping less knowledgeable people.


Sadly not everything works out how we imagine things to be, Automotive Enthusiasts do have a bad name due to the minority of people that turn up to these events and cause trouble by not complying with rules and regulations. Things such as don’t rev your car, no burn outs, loud music and pressing the horn to draw attention to themselves. On the brighter side though, if you are into cars no matter what it may be I would suggest asking around to find what automotive communities are out there as they can turn a boring Sunday into a great day out.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"For Many" by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long

Shane Koyzcan's stories, poetry and videos asks us to think about many issues in our society today. Topics include the environment, the human condition, societal standards and pressures, bullying, grieving, depression, hope and love. To find out more you can click on this link.